The Aktirins (ak-tēr-ĭns) are descendants of the Katirin (Dwarves) during their locust-like spread across the galaxy, those that denied peace remained behind. At some point in time, they made a similar deal with the dark forces beyond the Nebula Veil as the Turathans (Tieflings). At the moment, the Aktirins remain in their Aktirin Union. They have not claimed a new star system to strip mine in several generation. No one knows why.


The Aktirins are currently recovering from a biological epidemic. On their newest system, a dormant virus was unearthed during their mining process and slowly infected a vast majority of their population as the mined materials were shipped across the Union. They plan to resume their consumption of the known galaxy once they have their feet back on the ground.

Adventure Seeds

Contact with colonies near the Aktirin Union has been lost. Is this a sign that the Union is about to return to its strip-mining of the galaxy?


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