The Arkonians (är-kôn-ē-ĭns) are a reptilian race with ties to the Dragons. Some say their veins pump the blood of Dragons, while others say the Arkonians are responsible for the origin of the Dragon myth. There is no record indicating the Arkonians were capable of space travel at the time of the earliest known Dragon myths.

The Arkonians are the rulers of an empire that has been dying out for over five centuries. When they recall the glory days, there is a twinkle in their eye. Perhaps one day, they will reclaim their former glory. For now, the galaxy is a dangerous place and even the Arkonians need to make a living.

Compared to the Turathians (Tieflings), the Arkonians are quite benevolent to what subjects they have left. However, there are still problems between Arkonians and the Katirin (Dwarves) and the Nutirin (Muls). The Katirin are forced to live in squalor while the Nutirin are still a slave race within the Empire’s borders, below even the Arkob (Kobold).

Adventure Seeds

The Emperor has died without producing an heir. Many scholars were hired to trace the royal lineage and found a successor on a planet deep into contested space. It is up to the PCs to escort this person straight to the Arkon System.


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