The Devas (dā-vŭs) are an ancient race, arguably the first race to exist outside the Astral Sea Nebula. They tend to keep to themselves, spending their time in temples contemplating the mortal soul. Their home system, Devalus, is littered with shrines, temples, and churches.

Over the generations, the Devas lost the ability to reproduce naturally. Their species continues through a process of cloning and mental transfer.


The Deva are, in a way, truly the first race to exist in the greater galaxy. Renegade angels, either servants of dead gods or those that didn’t agree with their god’s decisions during the Dawn War, escaped through the Nebula Veil and landed on the first sustainable planet they could find. Eventually, without the benefit of direct contact with divine energy and learning to reproduce biologically, they evolved into the Deva they are today.

The Githyanki tend to avoid Devalus because the Deva are able to summon help from the Angels, but only because who the Githyanki work for.


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