The Dopah (dō-pä) are creatures from the planet Pahlus. There are some who deny their existence; that is until they end up dead at the hands of a trusted friend or loved one. The Dopah are the perfect thieves, assassins, and spies. Only the highest members of the Arkhosian, Nerathan, Turathian, and Sylvin governments are completely aware of the Dopahs existence. The rest of the galaxy tell rumors of changelings and doppelgangers.


When they were first discovered, the Dopah were under developed intellectually. Mimicking the explorers, one of the Dopah made contact, startling the explorers as there was now two of one their own. The Dopah could not communicate with the explorers at that time, but was quick to learn.

Eventually the Dopah spread across the stars, mimicking the creatures they made contact with and eventually returning to Pahlus to share what they had learned. Soon, the Dopah became a full fledged member of the galactic community.


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