To the rest of the known galaxy, Fragments (frag-mĭnts) are a mystery, and a frightening one at that. They appear randomly on ships during a Phase, referring to themselves always in the plural third person. “We are but fragments,” they always say.

They always speak of being a part of a “Living Gate”, a boundary between “this plane and the other.” It is assumed to be apart of their own unique religion.


The boundary between the real galaxy and Other Space, known as the Living Gate, is partially shattered every time a Tech based FTL drive is activated. Little by little, the boundary between the two realities thins. Some pieces of the Living Gate gain sentience and become Fragments.

When a ship Phases, Fragments are aware of their voyage as the passage of time is different in the space between spaces. As a vessel returns to the real galaxy, the Fragment latches on and uses it to escape.


Galactic 4th Edition drawingfreak