The Gahb (gäb) come in several breeds: Gahb (Hobgoblin), Gahblin (Goblin) [gäb-lĭn], Gahbeer (Bugbear) [gäb-bēr], Gahm (Ogres) [gäm], Gahbril (Trolls) [gäb-rēl], and Banesblades (Bladelings) [bāns-blāds]. Created by the god Bane behind the back of his fellow deities, the Gahb are his attempt to make war against the galaxy and take it for his own. (see the NPC section for the Gahm and the Gahbril)

The Gahb are the ruling class, the intellects and military leaders.

The Gahblins are the working class, the builders, farmers, and grunt soldiers.

The Gahbeer are the brute force behind the Gahb. They are the enforcers, soldiers, and heavy lifters.

The Banesblades are the religious leaders. They are the link between the Gahb and their creator.

The Gahb rule the Gahb Collective, a section of space intersecting the line between the Turathian Domionion and the Aktirin Union, and between the Akrhosian Remnant and the Astral Sea Nebula. They are slowly expanding their borders.

Out of all the Gahb, there are two breeds that are beyond any real control; the Gahm (Ogres) and the Gahbril (Trolls).

If the Gahbeer (Bugbears) are the brute force behind the Gahb, then the Gahm are the hurricanes. A force to be reckoned with, even the Gahb are reluctant to use these creatures in their conquest; they want at least a few survivors to become their slaves, after all.

The Gahbril, otherwise known as Plan B, are put into reserve unless there is an exceptionally well defended force. The regenerative properties of the Gahbril make them nearly impossible to kill, but it also makes them obscenely arrogant. There have been several Gahbril uprisings, but none have succeeded.


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