Dancing between the borders of the Astral Sea Nebula, the Githyanki (gěth-yāng-kē) attack border worlds, capturing and pillaging. It is interesting to note that they never have attacked the Deva home world, Devalus.

If a Githyanki were captured, a rare thing in and of itself, they say nothing about their ultimate goals, or what occurs behind the Nebula Veil. They are so stubborn in their silence that some think it might be magically induced.


The Githyanki were once part of an ancient race called the Gith, a race just slightly younger than the Angels. They were one of the first races created in the greater galaxy just before the Dawn War. During the war, the race was split in two, half working with the gods and the other half for the Primordials. The original Gith home world is lost to the ages.

Over the eons, most of the Githyanki were enslaved by Devils. They now pilot astral ships among the Astral Sea Nebula, attacking systems along the border, except for the Deva, who are strong enough to call for instant help from the Angels.


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