During Narken invasions, there are many who die. They are the lucky ones. Many a female have survived Narken raids, forced to take an unwanted child to term. These children are the Nar (när).

These half-Narkens have a hard time finding a place to fit in. Too many know the problems that the Narken create along the ever growing borders of Wyld Space. The Nar suffer because of their ancestry. There are people, usually involved in shady business, that actually prefer to hire Nar due to their history. Where the reputation of the Narken cannot make a point, the Nar are cursed with their strength and resilience as well.


Because the question is bound to come up, there is the issue of abortion when it comes to this species. I recommend that you do not press the issue unless you know your group is up to that kind of situation.

Victims of the Narken that have been impregnated will find it difficult to abort the fetus. While not impossible, something about the Narken DNA makes such a procedure nearly impossible, giving it a strong chance of death. This is why Nar are not as rare as you would think they would be.


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