4th Edition Mechanical Changes

Power Sources

Chaotics: Replaces the Arcane power source. This is a purely cosmetic change. It is often referred to as Arcane in the galaxy as much as it is called Chaotics.

Mutation: Your genetics have been altered, giving you extra abilities. This can be used as an optional replace the Primal power source.

Tech: Technology makes life easier, not to mention combat. Several classes can replace their power source with Tech (see Classes).


Chaotics: Replaces the Arcane keyword. This is a purely cosmetic change, like the power source.

Energy: Energy weapons are a highlight of science fiction and as such, these weapons have the Energy keyword associated with their damage.

Toxin: Replaces the Poison keyword. The name change gives it more context, allowing room for radiation effects to come into play.


Unless they are from the same planet, each race has it’s own unique language.
At 1st level, you have all the languages associated with your Race plus one additional language per your Intelligence modfier.

New Themes

Arkhosian Galactic Command: (leader) Prerequisite: Born in the Akhosian Remnant. You are a natural leader amongst your people. You were at one point in time a commanding officer in the Arkon Space Forces.

Other Space Mutation: (striker or controller) At some point in time, you were exposed to a portion of Other Space, mutating your genetics into something not natural.

Sylvin Space Command: (controller) Prerequisite: Born in the Sylvin United Republic. You were bred to command. You were, or still are, a command officer of the Sylvin United Space Fleet.



Nanophite: Druid re-flavor based on the Swarm Druid build. Due to the nature of the class, you must be a Warforged. A Nanophite is able to break down into swarms of nanobots. This class uses the Tech keyword.

Technomage: This is a re-flavoring of either the PHB Arcanist Wizard, or the Essentials Mage. Instead of using Chaotics, they use Technology as their power source, usually from a power pack and attached implement. Since this class is based in a piece of equipment, there needs to be a balance; either increased damage, additional uses, or extra status effects.

Tinker: Artificer reflavor that uses Technology as a power source.


The following classes gain Technology (INT) as a class skill:

  • Bard
  • Scoundrel
  • Thief
  • …?

Classes in the Setting



  • Arcana will be replaced by Chaotics. This is a purely cosmetic change, like the power source.
  • Dungeoneering will be replaced by Astronavigation. This will be used to determine proper Fold or Phase coordinates when using the FTL drives, understanding the strange world that is Other Space,
  • History will be replaced with Sociology. This will be used for understanding the cultures and history of sentient races, galactic politics, religions, and economics.
  • Nature will be replaced with Natural Sciences. This will be used for understanding the natural world, such as animals, plants, and possible some forms of biotechnology.
  • Religion will be replaced with Astral. This will be used for understanding what little is known about the Astral Sea Nebula and the creatures that reside within.

New Skills

Technology (INT): This will be used to understand and repair technology and some forms of biotechnology. Classes with Technology as a class skill: Bard, Scoundrel, Thief, …?

4th Edition Mechanical Changes

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