Space Ship Combat

When it comes to Ship to Ship combat, scale changes to accommodate for size. In Normal Scale, each square is counted as a 5’. In Ship Scale, each square is counted as roughly 100’, or 30 meters.

Ship Scale

Category Space Ship Type
Swarm n/a Fighters’
Tiny 1/2’’ Bomber
Small 1 Yacht
Medium 1 Transport
Large 2×2 Freighter
Huge 3×3 Colony Ship/Military Scout
Gargantuan 4×4 Battleship
Colossal 5×5 Command Vessel
Colossal II 6×6+ Moon Space Station

‘Only the Daidrin Matriarcy is capable of using one-man craft, or Fighters.
’’Four individual Tiny sized ships can share the same square.

Basic Ship Crews

Captain: The Captain is in charge of the entire vessel. He orders the crew, making the decisions on what actions to take each turn. He is also capable of making an Inspiration roll to give the crew a bonus for the round, though a poor Captain could cause the crew to doubt, gaining a negative to their actions.
Engineer: The Engineer maintains the ship’s systems, making sure everything is working smoothly. They always function first in a combat on the ship’s turn.
Pilot: In charge of maneuvering the vessels and localized scanning.
Secondary Pilot: On ships that are Gargantuan or larger, the Secondary Pilot is used to take care of the localized scanning to allow the Primary Pilot the time to pilot the vessel safely.
Tactical: In charge of long range sensors, analysis of encountered objects and vessels, shields, and weapon systems.

If a vessel requires more than one Engineer, the Chief Engineer acts as the primary roller, and the others use Aid Another to supplement his roll.

Larger vessels require more shield arrays and weapon batteries, meaning more Tactical officers will be needed. They can separate the jobs, some manipulating shields while the others operate the weapons; or they can divide the different sides of the vessel amongst themselves.

Space Ship Combat

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